Jesus of Walmart

(New York Quarterly Press), new poems by Richard Broderick

Cover Art: Artwork by Svetlana Rumak

“They liked the radiant smile, his upbeat manner
and so, despite a scanty work record –
‘Assistant carpenter, then three years
wandering the hills’ -- they hired him
as a greeter, the wages from his full-time,
28-hour-a-week job not enough to cover
the company’s health insurance. ‘Get sick
around here and you just have to heal yourself,’
muttered a disgruntled “associate,” a 50-ish mother
whose crippled daughter got up the very
next day and walked, everybody calling it
a miracle, just like that special order
of tee-shirts that sold for $1.99 each.”

— from “Jesus of Walmart”


"An impressively well crafted collection of truly memorable free verse poetry, Jesus of Walmart is very highly recommended to the attention of all contemporary poetry enthusiasts and would be an enduringly popular addition to both community and academic library Contemporary American Poetry collections.”

— Midwest Book Review

“Poems full of great lyric singing.” 

— Deborah Keenan, author of So She Had the World and From Tiger to Prayer

“These poems dance with the movement and depth of each moment of time lived…”

— Jared Smith,  author of The Collected Poems: 1971-2011, and To the Dark Angels

“We, the many, live and breathe in these poems, moving with deep humanity, with the wind and the snow and the river, with our daily grace."

— William Daly, author of The Road to Isla Negra and translator of Pablo Neruda

How to Buy the Book

Jesus of Walmart retails for $14.95. Books are available from multiple online retailers including, Barnes and, and They can be ordered directly from New York Quarterly Press.